Cleaning Forgotten Areas

Cleaning Forgotten Areas

Cleaning is an essential part of our lives. We design many cleaning plans. Whether you follow daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning routine, you need to make sure that your entire home is clean without forgetting ant areas. We all want to make our homes look its best.
The problem with cleaning by ourselves is that we are not professionals. Professionals know where dust accumulates and where most people forget cleaning. We miss a few spots all the time. For example, most people do not clean the ceiling light or any light fixtures. Do you remember the last time you cleaned walls, windows, or blinds? Have you checked the areas behind your large kitchen appliances? We have made this list for you to check these areas. Let’s explore them together and see whether you cleaned or not.

1. Vents:

Have you checked your dryer lint vent? Here is what you should know about cleaning vents.
• Once you finish laundry, you should clean out the vent on the dryer. However, we are here for the vent tube.
• Dryer lint can lead to a fire if you did not clean it regularly.
• Clean your vent tube at least once every three months.
• Some tubes feature built-up lint. They need to be replaced or you can vacuum the lint surrounding and within it.
• You can replace the filters and clean the opening of your HVAC system. However, it is better to call an HVAC professional to handle everything. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. 

2. Ceiling Light Fixtures &Fans:

Most people forget cleaning their ceiling light fixtures and fans. They overlook them and feel exhausted once cleaning floors. Dust, webs, and bug remain usually accumulate there. If you never cleaned these areas, it is time to take care of them while cleaning.

3. Walls, Blinds, & Windows:

These are the main parts of your house and overlooking them is unacceptable.
• Most people do not even look at the walls unless there is a stain. Wash your walls using a mild, diluted cleaner and wipe them with a dry piece of cloth. Avoid making more stains by doing small areas. Use the overlapping cleaning technique.
• While working on the walls, take down the blinds and clean them. In addition to blinds, take care of your windows and clean them.
• Taking care of walls, windows, and blinds can be time-consuming. However, you will notice the difference once you finish cleaning them.

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