Cleaning Tips: How to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Clean?

Cleaning Tips: How to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Clean?

Cleaning your outdoor furniture expands their life span. Outdoor furniture is designed to survive most of the risk factors. However, it is always a good idea to clean them from time to time. They will look great all the time and function. Here are the top tips and tricks for keeping your outdoor furniture, fabrics, and décor clean all the time.

1. Understand How Outdoor Décor Become Damaged:

Nature is powerful and it causes many damages to outdoor furniture.
• If your outdoor furniture is exposed to sun rays, the UV rays fade the colors of fabrics and furniture.
• UV rays can even melt plastic fabrics.
• Rain in winter and humidity in summer create mold and rust.
• Heat and moisture can damage the pillows and cushions foam.  

2. Choose Well:

While shopping for the best outdoor furniture, keep these points in mind.
• Think about the location of the furniture. There is a difference between the items that exposed all the time to natural elements and others which will be partially exposed. For example, Poolside is always exposed while screened lanai is partially exposed.
• Wooden items look amazing and usually last longer than other furnishings. However, they require regular cleaning and maintenance. While shopping, choose hardy wooden furnishings. Teak and redwood items are the best because you do not have to clean them regularly and they last longer than other furnishings.
• Wrought iron is also great. However, sanding and paint is the only way to keep their great look over the whole year.
•Powder-coated aluminum is a great option for people who are looking for a way to maintain their furnishings and clean at long intervals. The coating provides resistance to bad weather conditions, scratches, and rust.
• Plastic items are cheap yet stylish. They do not require too much maintenance. However, they fade, crack, and stain too easily.
• When it comes to pillows, cushions, and fabrics, choose quick-drying foam. The best fabric for outdoor furniture is made of polyester or acrylic. They resist natural elements.

3. Maintaining & Protecting Outdoor Furniture:

Now, you have chosen your outdoor furniture. It is time to maintain it. It does not matter now whether it is wooden or plastic. Maintenance and regular cleaning are the main keys to long-lasting outdoor furniture. It is not just about natural elements. Pets, friends, guests, and family members share in wearing your outdoor furniture out.
If you do not want to worry about the longevity of your outdoor furniture and you do not have time to clean regularly, there is always the option of hiring a professional upholstery cleaning company to take care of your furniture. Get more info about carpet cleaning here.

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